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Our Mission

At Energy Savers 2, we know what we stand for. Solid Ethics. Unparalleled Quality. Steadfast Unity. Candid Dialogue. We believe that as we see each task through to an exceptional conclusion, we earn the right to serve the businesses and the people of our community. The relationship between our company and our customers becomes a two way street in which each party benefits the other. As a result of our joined forces, we will impact our clients financially by increasing their bottom line,  

Energy, Utility & Telecom Development Specialist provides expertise in all sectors of the energy and utility industry. Over 20 years experience. Specializing in: Energy Audit, Telecom audit, (Gas, Electric, Telecom, Water) Utility bills audit and review for refunds and/or better rates, Energy procurement, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency review and implementation, Building envelope analysis, Renewable Energy, Lighting Retrofit, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal energy, Fuel-Cell, Thermal imaging, Rainwater harvesting, grey water utilization. Energy conservation and Water conservation methods, Energy and telecom audit and procurement, indoor pollution control, etc. commissioning new buildings and mechanical systems. Currently working on my PHD in Energy Conservation.

“Paying for utility costs without using a Utility Auditor and Monitor is like driving a car at night with the lights turned off”

Much is at stake when policy makers, regulators, and corporate executives face the challenges of evolving energy markets and efficiency.

I can help you meet that challenge!

It is Cheaper to Save Energy than Make EnergyĀ¯!

Water is the source of life, treasure it!

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"Who controls the food supply controls the people";
"who controls the energy supply controls whole continents";
"who controls money and resources controls the world";
"who controls water sources controls life".

Understanding Efficiency
By the time energy is delivered to us -
In a usable form, it has typically undergone several conversions. Every time energy changes forms, some portion is “lost.” With each change, some amount of the original energy turn into forms we do not want or cannot use, typically as so-called waste heat that is so diffuse it cannot be captured.
Reducing the amount lost – also known as increasing efficiency – is as important to our energy future as finding new sources because gigantic amounts of energy are lost every minute of every day in conversions.

Paying for energy is simple, you get the bill and pay it, but cutting energy costs is complicated even for buyers with decades of experience.  This is because the price you pay and the quantity you consume is heavily influenced by politics, economics and weather.  These are variables that change irregularly and sometimes quiet drastically.  As if that were not enough of a headache, many of the programs and dynamics change as you move from one market to another.  So managing multiple locations can take a little time and effort.

Price x Quantity – Incentives = Cost

Price = Electricity and Natural Gas account for 87% of total energy supply cost

Quantity = Lighting and HVAC account for 75% of building energy consumption

Incentives = Federal, State and local government and utility rebates, credits and tax incentive

THE ENERGY COST represents 60-85% of you total electric bill.  Market forces, not regulators, dictate this piece.  Very volatile but very liquid – meaning you can assume as little or as much price risk as is appropriate for your business drivers.

THE DELIVERY COSTS are associated with bringing energy from the generator to your meter.  This cost is driven by regulatory bodies and system operators.  Ensuring accurate rate and classification is a key to minimizing your delivery costs.

Energy Consumption

Los Angeles wants to slash energy consumption by 20 percent across 30 million square feet of commercial structures by 2020. But acquiring power usage data from all the buildings to evaluate progress hasn’t been an easy task for city officials.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) doesn’t have the capability to transmit its data in an automated fashion, which impedes the timely collection and aggregation of the usage data, according to Dave Hodgins, executive director of the Los Angeles Better Building Challenge (LABBC).

To solve that problem, LABBC has the task of extracting the energy consumption data from dozens of buildings for evaluation and monitoring. LABBC is part of an initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings, from retrofitting city-owned facilities and affordable housing units, to working with the private sector to finance energy and water efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings.

Natural gas procurement


Energy Supply Procurement and Risk Management

Is your company positioned for energy deregulation? The deregulated market opens opportunities to significantly impact your underlying cost structure and mitigate the risks associated with rising energy costs. But without the right intelligence and knowledge of current market conditions, companies continue to make sub-optimal purchasing decisions. Energy Savers 2 is immersed in the energy markets every day, managing over $4 billion of energy spend for our clients. We leverage this experience to help you proactively manage your energy costs in deregulated markets.

Energy Savers 2’s core team of deregulated energy procurement experts can help your organization reduce energy costs and mitigate risk in areas with electric choice and natural gas management. We work with you to create a strategic sourcing plan that allows us to negotiate terms and pricing structures that meet your objectives and align with your corporate risk tolerance. We monitor market conditions for attractive market opportunities that allow you to extend or renew existing contracts at optimal times.

We utilize a rigorous process that facilitates energy contract negotiation and establishes favorable terms and conditions. All contract and billing information resides within our proprietary Utility Tracking System, which is easily accessible to our clients to review rates, compliance metrics, and realized savings.

Benefits of Energy Procurement and Risk Management Services:
  • Proprietary market intelligence that evaluates the competitiveness of energy supply bids.
  • Monitoring of contract compliance to ensure pricing and other terms are applied appropriately.
  • Verification of realized savings versus planned targets.

 "Who controls the food supply controls the people"; 
"who controls the energy supply controls whole continents"; 
"who controls money and resources controls the world"; 
"who controls water sources controls life".

Energy Savers 2Energy savers 2 servicesUtilitiesEnergy PhotosEnergy efficiencyEnergy LinksContact Energy Savers 2Energy and Utility auditsRenewable energyEnergy ConservationUtilities News ArticlesEnergy Saving TipsCalifornia Water SupplySustainable EnergyYJ Draiman for Mayor 2017